Fawour history

Fawour is an independent web application, made by a single Blogger / Youtuber - Rene Czepluch. The idea behind Fawour started, because there's so much competition out there as a Blogger / Youtuber. Rene thought it would be super fun and very useful to be able to utilise your current amount of followers, to gain new followers. A way to do this is by using short-links. Short links allows for cross platform promotion and analytics. Fawour is kinda like Bit.ly but multiplayer.

René Czepluch

Rene is a student from Denmark. Who studies physics, but used to work part-time with web-development and Photoshop. Rene Also has a Youtube channel and a Blog, where he shares photoshop articles and videos.


Running an application like Fawour costs more than you would expect. If you want to help me cover some expenses, donate whatever you would like here:


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Thank you Tyler Arbon

Rene had a lot of issues creating Fawour. Not only did Tyler help solve all programming issues and server issues, he also contributed with great ideas for a better user experience. Fawour thanks Tyler Arbon - it wouldn't exist without him. Check out his projects here.